Twitter Lead Generation Cards: Bringing Deals Right To Your Tweeples

Whether they are trying to compete with their social media competitors (Facebook Offers or Pinterest Gifts) or just answering the call to be bringing new and innovative apps to their users, Twitter has seemingly “hit one outta the park” with their new Lead Generation Card program. This unique program not only gives businesses, advertisers, and brands the chance to share their deals and offers on Twitter, these “cards” are created in such a way that users don’t even need to leave the comfort of their Twitter perch to take advantage of them.


Lead Generation Cards allow brands and businesses to insert an offer into a normal tweet. When someone views that tweet, they are given the option to expand the tweet, view the deal and sign up for the deal without having to leave Twitter or use a lengthy, clunky form. The information for the sign-up is pulled from the user’s Twitter handle (@yourname) and the information needed is auto-filled in.

The Lead Generation Card option has been quietly in beta testing and being utilized only by a handful of Twitter’s “managed accounts,” but recently Twitter upped the ante by creating 3 types of Cards to further cater to business and brand’s needs.

App Card: Reveals information about apps and deals involving specific apps.

Product Card: Allows the showcasing of a product complete with offer, description, price, and call-to-action.

Gallery Card: Allows the display of a photo album instead of just one photo.

Twitter is assuring users that there are plans to roll out the Lead Generation Program to medium and small-sized businesses in the near future. When they do, this new program will be a great asset for businesses of all sizes looking for creative ways to generate leads and ultimately drive traffic to their websites that result in sales.

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