How to run a great Hash-tag Campaign?

This post is going to tell you how to make the best use of hashtags for marketing campaigns.

A hashtag is basically this symbol(#) followed by any word or phrase or maybe even a sentence. For example #tablets would be a potential candidate for a company for running a hashtag campaign around selling tablets. Originally popular on twitter, now it is increasingly used it Instagram and Facebook as well and provide a great opportunity to run targeted campaigns around preselected hashtags.

So a company formulates a hashtag campaign around a particular keyword and hopes that it becomes viral and a lot of people share those tweets and discuss positive things around the hashtag online. It provides an amazing opportunity to foster a viral discussion among a wide variety of people and also to provide targeted discounts and giveaways.

One of the best uses of hashtag campaign and its power to change the prevailing discourse on a particular topic was demonstrated by White House when they ran a campaign with the headline “what does #$40 mean to you?”. This hashtag campaign cornered the Republicans on their payroll tax cut proposal.

However, hashtag campaigns can easily turn out to be a disaster if not well-conceived from the beginning. Many times it ends up creating the opposite reaction that the company was hoping for. The now famous #McDstories by McDonald’s started off as a well-meaning campaign ended up becoming mouthpiece for people with bad experiences with McDonald’s. Similar disasters happened with the party campaign of Susan Boyle.

The best ways to use hashtags is for posting pictures around a particular theme. You can also promote special events like “free doughnut day” by asking the users to post pictures of them having Doughnuts. It can also be a very effective tool for rallying support around a particular cause. But it’s important to be careful about the campaign and not venture into controversial topics as it can easily become a target for trolls.

Hashtags definitely lead to high user engagement and more sales conversion. Posts with hashtags are shared several times more than those without them. But it’s important to do good research on the background of the area, potential follies etc before running a campaig. Using proper grammar and online etiquette is one of the very basics of formulating a successful hashtag campaign.

So don’t rush into it and design a great hashtag campaign for your company today!

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